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The Large Penants can be made in just about any color you want.  There is a large variety of colors and mixture of colors that you can choose from for your lights.  Samples are available at the showroom.  If I don't have what you want, I will keep looking.

Custom lights can be made for your existing hardware.  Prices vary start at $95.00 and go up based on glass and design.

See how bright and colorful your chandelier can be?

This is what it looks like with the lights on.

Lighting is a finishing touch on a remodel that is often overlooked.  Stacey can provide you custom stained glass, fused glass, and slumped glass lighting.  She can create pendants, flush mounts and sconces. Come by the show room to see our custom lighting in person.  

This is what everyone can buy in a store.

Regular size Pendants are available for $75.00 each or 3 or more for $70.00 each​.

This what you can create for your home.

This is what it looks like with lights off.

Flushmounts come in Stained Glass, Fused Glass Design, and Basic.  Price varies from $85.00 to $165 depending on the glass and design.

$95.00 each or 3 or more of the same color for $90.00 each.

Customize the lighting hardware that is already in your home.

 Add your personal touch by choosing your colors.

Custom Lighting

​Megaron Inc.

​Stained Glass Shades

Large Red Baroque Pendants